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The Church

The ceremony will be taking place at 2PM in the beautiful St. Anthony of Padua Church. St. Anthony's is within the heart of the North Side of Endicott, known for its abundant Italian heritage.

St. Anthony of Padua Church Website:


Directions and Parking

Directions from Route I-81 & Route 17

• As you enter the Binghamton area from Route 81, follow signs for Route 17 West
• Take Route 17 West to exit 70N
• Take exit 70N, toward the shopping mall (Harry L. Drive exit)
• You will see the Oakdale Mall straight ahead (with Kaufmann's sign most prominent)
• Get in left lane
• Take left at light onto Harry L. Drive
• You will pass Wegman's grocery store on the left - the mall will be on your right
• Continue following directions below, marked by ***

Directions from Area Hotels
• From the Best Western / Best Inn
   - Exit the hotel up behind Chi-Chi's and to the left to the traffic light
   - Take left onto Reynolds Road
   - Take a right at main intersection onto Harry L. Drive
   - Continue following directions below, marked by ***
• From the Hampton Inn
   - Exit the hotel via the Wegman's grocery store exit, and take a left onto Harry L. Drive
   - Continue following directions below, marked by ***
• From the Red Roof Inn
   - Exit hotel by taking a left onto Fairview
   - Take left at light onto Reynolds Road
   - Take a right at main intersection onto Harry L. Drive
   - Continue following directions below, marked by ***

*** Continued Directions
• Continue on Harry L. Drive for approximately 4.5 miles - will eventually turn into Watson Blvd
      (If you are in the right-hand lane, get into the center lane so that you may continue going straight)
    - You will pass:
           • A pink "Gingerbread House" on the left
           • Heritage Country Club on the right (this is the reception site)
           • Cross Hooper Road
           • Warehouse Carpet Outlet on the left (green and orange stripes)
           • Brothers II Restaurant on the right
           • Cross Hayes Avenue
           • IBM buildings will be on your left
• Cross McKinley Avenue
• Cross Rogers Avenue
• Cross Squires Avenue
• Gance's Mulberry Street Italian/American Buffet on the left
• Cross Hill Avenue
     NOTE: This is not the same as Oak Hill Avenue
     If you cross Oak Hill Avenue, you went one block too far!
• After you cross Hill Avenue, take first right onto Odell Avenue
   - Pass on right: Aunt Effie's Bar, old fire station, Son's of Italy
   - Cross Witherill
   - New Life Ministries will be on your right - DO NOT PARK THERE
• St. Anthony's is on the right, on the corner of Jenkins Street and Odell Avenue

Church Parking
• There is a parking lot directly across from the church on the corner of Odell Avenue and Jenkins Street
• There is limited parking behind the church off of Jenkins Street
• You may also park on the street

Hospitality Suite Information

After the ceremony, please feel free to head back to the hotels to freshen up prior to the cocktail hour and reception.

For your convenience, a Hospitality Suite on the first floor of the Best Western will be set up for you to grab a quick snack and to congregate with family and friends before heading over to the Heritage Country Club for the 5pm cocktail hour. Even if you are not staying at the Best Western / Best Inn, please feel free to take advantage of the Hospitality Suite.

Note that for those of you who will be staying at the Best Western / Best Inn, the block room rate includes shuttle transportation to/from the reception. The reception is approximately 2 miles away from the hotel. Shuttling to the reception will start around 4:30pm from the hotel lobby, and continue until complete. Shuttling from the reception to the hotel will begin at 10pm, however an earlier phone call will be accommodated.