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Tim and Lu would like to thank their parents for all their love, prayers and support in helping us plan for our special day and our new life together.

Also, we very much appreciate the help and support of both of our families during our relocation to Washington, DC, as well as during the wedding planning.

Thank you to the Bridal Party for participating in our special day and in our lives.

In addition, Lu would like to thank her friends for dealing with her various wedding-related crises and helping her work through the various wedding day dilemmas and decisions.

Tim and Lu would like to especially recognize the following people for their huge contribution to the success of the event:

   Jeremy Yuricek, for his excellent photography, videography, and website development skills

   Pam DeSantis, for her handling of phone calls and miscellaneous tasks

   Patty Ciotoli, our own personal "Franc," for her ceremony, floral, basket-creating, and wedding    etiquette help and advice

We also appreciate the following for their hard work in making everything special for all of us:
• Father Clarence and the St. Anthony of Padua Church
• Nancy Gleason and the Heritage Country Club
The Wedding Works
• Angeline's Florist
• Linda Soliwoda - Wedding Cake
• United Sound - Photography
• Don Miller & The Hurricanes
• Donson Transportation
Nick's Hair Design
• Tesha Hammonds, for her artistic creativity and generosity in allowing us to use her image of the 'Wedding Carousel'... More carousel and equine art can be seen at her website: